Black Box is a mystery, an object which can only be understood in terms of its input and output. Black Box does not explain the internal transfer. What you see is what you can assume. Black Box can be the heart, the soul, or the mind. 

Black Box is a Brooklyn-based jewelry brand designed by Sasha Payton. The self-taught designer combines the gritty rawness of NYC’s streets with the traditional cultural vibes from across the world. New York is all about the realness – no gimmicks. The line provides the attention grabbing elements every city-dweller craves yet its quiet attractiveness maintains the wearer’s low-profile.

The collection offers structural statement pieces of rings, bracelets, and earrings made of sterling silver and precious metals. Based on foundation, edifice, and the bones of what is there – what holds everything together, the substance of completion; inspired by archaic craftsmanship and High Relief artistry, the designer creates shapely molded rings and sharp edged pendants. 

For the artist, the dreamer, the worker, the thinker, Black Box jewelry transforms the mysterious internality of the wearer into a creative symbol of his or her inimitable being.